Refresh & Reuse

 As a product business, one major way to reduce our impact on the environment is to ensure our stuff can be in use longer. This is why we choose quality materials; our stainless steel hardware practically lasts forever. The fabric is  also very durable, however it is susceptible to normal wear and tear, fading of the colour, dirt settling in-between the fibers. 

If  your TugLife collar or lead is getting shabby, we offer a refresh & reuse service. We reuse the hardware of your old collar or lead, and swap the old fabric for new. You get a bright new thing, we get a repeat customer, and the hardware gets recycled.

It costs £19.50, and includes free shipping in the UK.

To refresh you pup's old gear:

  • Purchase a Collar or Lead Refresh and indicate the colour you want for your new gear in the order notes
  • Post your collar or lead, including the order number / your name, to:

You cover the postage to us, but shipping back to you is included in the price.

If you have a question or any of this is unclear, email and I'll help you out :)