climbing rope for durability and better handling

We use quality climbing rope manufactured in the USA and Europe, because it's the best material we found at the end of a year-long search. Climbing rope is made of nylon for its combination of strength and elasticity. Besides being Hulk level strong, the braid of the rope makes it supple and nicer to handle than the widely used webbing. 

It comes in such a lush range of colours and patterns that you'd wish you could pull a collar off too.

custom steel hardware 

We design and make our own hardware - buckles, sliders, D-rings and snap hooks - because we couldn’t find ready-made stuff that scored high on looks, longevity, functionality and safety. Everything is made of 316 marine grade stainless steel so it won't corrode in the unlikely event that your dog decides to pursue a more adventure-filled sea pirate lifestyle. 

snap it up hook


We decided to make our own after a trigger hook that hadn't closed properly set Ziggy free on a busy road that luckily was lined with chicken shops with an inviting selection of bones out front. Trigger hooks use a spring, which can fill up with grime, so they are not always reliable.

Our hook's tongue is its own spring. It's a simple and safe design, based on hooks used for rigging marine equipment.

found my groove buckle


With no moving parts and made of steel, our buckle, like the less attractive cockroaches, is set to survive the apocalypse. It fastens and opens only if you line it up at an angle, then pull or push through the groove, so it will only come undone if you really want it.

Everything is sewn in London under Ziggy's direct supervision, and strict but fair conditions of labour.