Promise & Warranty

We've worked hard to create collars and leads that will last, so we stand by them even when something goes wrong. 

Lifetime warranty

Our collars and leads come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship that impair their functionality. I.e. if any stitches come undone, or stuff tears or breaks as part of normal use, we’ll repair or replace it for you for free.

If you need to claim warranty, email us at


Our warranty doesn’t apply for damage that is not our fault (e.g. your pup chewing up her lead), or for normal wear and tear (like mild fraying, scratches or stains). However, we want to keep our products in use longer, so regardless of whose fault it is, if something can be repaired, we’ll try to do it. Either for free or at cost price, depending on the complexity.

If you need a repair or have questions, drop us a note to